Philippine Ragnarok Online Wiki
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Two-Handed Sword Mastery
Type: Passive
Classes: Swordsman, Super Novice
Level: 10
SP Cost: N/A
Cast Delay: N/A
Target: N/A
Prerequisites: Sword Mastery lvl. 1

Unlike the Sword Mastery Skill, this would only affect user whenever one is equipped with a two-handed sword.

Increases attack from two-handed swords by 4*Skill Level, max level is 10.

Level ATK Bonus
1 +4
2 +8
3 +12
4 +16
5 +20
6 +24
7 +28
8 +32
9 +36
10 +40


  • This skill is added after all calculations on the damage is done, therefore it is not affected by modifiers from Skills, Cards, Size and Defense.
  • Altough a Super Novice can use this skill, it is not suggested to be taken because Two-handed Swords are Swordsman class exclusive.