Tension Relax
Tension Relax
Tension Relax
Type: Supportive
Classes: Lord Knight
Level: 1
SP Cost: 15
Cast Delay: N/A
Target: Self
Prerequisites: (Swordsman) Endure LV.3, Increase HP Recovery Lv. 10

Increases HP restoration speed while sitting and resting. When standing up or using items while the skill is used, the skill is cancelled.


  • This skill is affected by Swordsman's Increase HP Recovery.
  • When used by players with weight above 50%, they will have normal HP restoration.
  • This has no effect on the user's SP.

There are also certain skills and items that affects/enhances this skill:

  • Boss Egnigem (General Ygnizem) Card (Overweight characters recuperate 150HP/10SP per 10 seconds)