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Super Novice
Job Base: Novice
Job Type: First Job
Job Change: Al de Baran
Job Levels: 99
Job Bonuses:
+5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5

Super Novice is a job in Ragnarok Online that has the ability of the 1st Job class.


Super Novices may have been inspired by some players who play as Novices throughout the entire game. This entails extraordinary dedication and skill as they do not rely on skills normally available to 1st Jobs. Gravity presumingly saw this and implemented a special class that embodies this.

Since the introduction of this job class, those who opted to stay as Novices forever were retroactively renamed as Perma Novices.

RO SuNo 1.jpg


  1. Super Novices have majority of the 1st Job Class skills and wider build options.
  2. Their Job Level can go up to Level 99, whereas normal job classes maxes out at Level 50.
  3. Such mix-and-match builds makes them extremely versatile both in and out of combat.
  4. They can summon their personal guardians, dubbed "Guardian Angels", to help them during desperate times.
  5. Unlike the usual Merchant carts, Super Novices have their own unique cart.


  1. Unlike 2nd jobs and their Rebirth counterparts, they have significant vulnerability that keeps them from participating in competitive environments such as War of Emperium.
  2. Super Novices does not have certain weapon-based skills and cannot wield class-exclusive weapons. For example, Super Novices cannot wield bows and spears. The only exception is their ability to wield Merchant carts.
  3. There are very few equipments catering to Super Novices that puts them at par with other job classes.
  4. They do not have the skills of the other 1st Job classes such as Taekwons, Ninjas and Gunslingers.
  5. Super Novices lose their ability to use the Play Dead skill.

Notable Super Novice Builds[]

  1. Perfect Magician - A hybrid of Magician and Archer job skills, Super Novices of this build can cast spells very fast, owing to the Dexterity enhancements of the Archer class. Magicians rely on Dexterity to hasten casting time.
  2. Dagger Combatant - A breed of Swordsman and Thief job skills. This build solely relies on agility and strength. Most of the Super Novices that adopt this build have Double Attack and Sword Masteries and usually calls upon the powers of the Guardian Angel (Vigor Explosion status) to amplify their damage even further.