Sacrifice one's HP to inflict a great amount of damage on a target. Once Martyr's Reckoning is cast, the character will lose an amount of health equal to a certain percentage of the caster's Max HP for the next five attacks. However, these 5 attacks will have enhanced damage. Martyr's Reckoning has no time duration and will not wear off until after the fifth attack is performed or the player is dispelled.

It's an instant cast self-buff like Guard or Shield Reflect. Upon casting 100sp is taken and it will last forever until the player:

  • A) lands 5 hits on something.
  • B) moves to another map or relogs. Exception applies to castle maps, meaning the player can cast MR in a room, move to another and remain with the effect.
  • C) is dispelled.
  • D) activates Battle Chant{|class="wikitable"

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  • Other skills can be used after turning MR on. Those skills will not gain the damage multiplier.
  • The player loses 9% HP based on Max HP after each swing. Meaning 5 swings equal 45% HP lost.
  • Damage is increased according to Max HP, skill level and weapon +% damage cards, Triple Bloody Boned being the best combo for WoE/PVP. ATK does not affect the damage.
  • It ignores FLEE and DEF of the target.
  • It can be Perfectly Dodged
  • Weapon cards won't increase the amount of hp taken from the player.
  • Upon hitting the Emperium with it, it does no damage, but still takes 9% HP each swing.
  • It is always Neutral element. Meaning Ghostring and Neutral resistances reduces its damage. Using a weapon elemental endow will no longer allow it to bypass Neutral resistances.
  • Reduction gears like Cranial and Poo lower the damage.
  • Shield Reflect reflects its damage.
  • Magnum Break damage bonus does increase its damage.
  • Foes inside Safety Wall take no damage from MR, but the caster loses 9% HP each swing regardless.
  • Ice Pick does not affect the damage.
  • Baphomet Card does not give splash damage for hits.
  • Can be used on Boss Monsters.
  • It does suffer skill damage penalty during WoE.
  • Turning MR on and then casting Gloria Domini, MR can still be used during GD's delay.
  • MR can be Dispelled.
  • Counter Instinct has a chance of halving MR's damage and reflecting it back upon the caster if it is being used with a Sword or Dagger type weapon.
  • accessory boosts MR's damage by 5%.