The Ragnaboards is the official forums of Philippine Ragnarok Online. It is hosted by Level-Up Games.

History Edit

Ragnaboards started as soon as pRO went in beta. Actually, Level-Up itself had its own forums based on phpbb before. Due to security considerations, the forum platform was migrated into Invision Power Board.

Ragnaboards suffered from the capacity overload due to the number of users, and was at one point, moved to the servers of However, it became vulnerable to security-related attacks, and was moved back to Level-Up's servers.

Ragnaboards bore mute witness to several game issues, dramas and scandals that continues to this day.

The Lounge Edit

The Lounge is one of the most popular section on Ragnaboards. It is the section where anyone can discuss non-Ragnarok Online topics including anime, music, and gaming.

The Lounge is the haven of inactive, semi-active, and retired Philippine Ragnarok Online players.

Moderators Edit

Several moderators have graced the Ragnaboards in its entire incarnation.

Current Moderating Team (as of February 6, 2010) Edit

  1. Aefaradien
  2. Anakin
  3. Chiyo Mihama
  4. Constantine Le Roi
  5. D.D. Rue Aerith
  6. Digit
  7. Fenris
  8. Gerik
  9. GM Tristan III
  10. Goenitz
  11. Hitsugaya Toushirou
  12. Hotsuma
  13. Kei Tsuchiya
  14. Miku Hanasaki
  15. Nirvelli Sakray
  16. Osaka
  17. Oyashiro-sama no Tatari
  18. redkinoko
  19. Ronove van Luven
  20. Ryota
  21. Sapphire Ling Wingstaff
  22. Satine
  23. ScareCrow
  24. TinkerBell
  25. Yukari Yakumo