The following are quests that players may encounter. Some of the quests are required for job changes, while others give bonuses or allow a person to wield a unique item.

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Job QuestsEdit

  1. Swordsman Job Quest
  2. Acolyte Job Quest
  3. Archer Job Quest
  4. Merchant Job Quest
  5. Thief Job Quest
  6. Magician Job Quest
  7. Super Novice Job Quest
  8. Ninja Job Quest
  9. Gunslinger Job Quest
  10. Taekwon Job Quest
  11. Knight Job Quest
  12. Crusader Job Quest
  13. Priest Job Quest
  14. Monk Job Quest
  15. Hunter Job Quest
  16. Dancer Job Quest
  17. Bard Job Quest
  18. Blacksmith Job Quest
  19. Alchemist Job Quest
  20. Assassin Job Quest
  21. Rogue Job Quest
  22. Wizard Job Quest
  23. Sage Job Quest
  24. Star Gladiator Job Quest
  25. Soul Linker Job Quest
  26. Rebirth Job Quest
  27. Rebirth 2nd Job Quest (Normal & Alternative)

Training QuestsEdit

  1. Swordsman Training Quest
  2. Acolyte Training Quest
  3. Archer Training Quest
  4. Merchant Training Quest
  5. Thief Training Quest
  6. Mage Training Quest

Headgear QuestsEdit

  1. Baby Pacifier Quest
  2. Boy's Cap Quest
  3. Bunny Band Quest
  4. Crunch Toast Quest
  5. Feather Beret Quest
  6. Fox Mask Quest
  7. Welding Mask Quest
  8. Winter Hat Quest
  9. Orc Hero Helm Quest
  10. Zealotus Mask Quest
  11. Valkyrie Helm Quest

Dungeon Access QuestsEdit

  1. Prontera Culvert Entrance Quest

Equipment/Item Reward QuestsEdit


Experience Reward QuestsEdit

  1. Geffen Bard Quest (one time)
  2. Alberta Cargo Quest (Permanent, once every 20 hours)
  3. Curse of Gae Bolg Quest
  4. No More Lonely Knights Quest (Permanent, once every 20 hours)

Instance Dungeon QuestsEdit

Leveling GuidesEdit

Ragnarok Online Leveling Guide