Priest Job Change Quest
Class and Level Requirements: Acolyte class, at least Job Level 40
Quest Prerequisites: N/A
Items Needed: N/A
Rewards: Book if Job 40+, Bible if Job 50

1. Apply to become a Priest in the Prontera Church (prt_church 16, 41) by speaking to Bishop Thomas. He can be found at the first room (left side) when walking down the aisle.
Bishop paul

Bishop Thomas

2. You must visit all three Ascetics from the Acolyte Quest. However, this step may be skipped by Job Level 50 Acolyte.

3. After returning from the three Ascetics, Bishop Thomas grants you access to a room where the next two tests will take place: Exorcism and Temptation.

4. In this room, click Father Peter S. North. He will talk to you about the process. A Priest or High Priest can come along to help for these two tests by following the same instructions and bringing a Rosary in their inventory (not equipped).
Father peter

Father Peter S. North

5. In the next few rooms, you must eliminate all zombies. All must be killed in each room to clear the Exorcism stage and move onto Temptation.

6. Walk past four Monster NPCs (Deviruchi, Doppleganger, Dark Lord, and finally Baphomet) with only answering "DEMON GO AWAY".

7. The Next room will be filled with Mummies but you can run from them straight to the exit.

8. After exiting the last room, you'll be warped back to Bishop Thomas. He will ask you to take an oath with Sister Cecille on the lower side of the same room (near the portal). Answer it with your heart.
Sister cecille

Sister Cecille

9. Return to Bishop Thomas to become a Priest after you have taken your oath. Job level 50 acolytes will receive a Bible and below job 50 acolytes will receive a book.