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What Is Poring?[edit | edit source]

Poring is a cute jelly easily found at the outside field of every cities. It is soft, sticky and bouncy. They loot and own every item they saw in the ground, they used to be pet because it is cute and cute and cute and very cute. Poring has a huge family and relatives like Poporings, Drops, Marins, Metalings, Ghostrings, Angelings, Devilings and so on.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Name: Poring

HP: 50

Level: 1

Property: Water 1

Race: Plant

Size: Medium

Attack: 7~10

Base EXP: 2

Job EXP: 1

Hit(100%): 22

Flee(95%): 82

Walking Speed: Very Very Slow

Attack Speed: Average

Mode: Looter

Skills: Lv 1 Emotion

Lv 1 Water Attack


STR: 1

AGI: 1

VIT: 1

INT: 1

DEX: 6

LUK: 30

Def: 0

MDef: 5

Item Dropped:

Jellopy (70%)

Apple (10%)

Unripe Apple (0.2%)

Knife[4] (1%)

Empty Bottle (15%)

Poring Card (0.01%)

Sticky Mucus (4%)


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