Nv playdead
Play Dead
Play Dead
Type: Supportive
Classes: Novice
Level: 1
SP Cost: 1
Cast Delay: N/A
Target: Self
Prerequisites: Novice Skill Quest

This puts the player into a "dead" state, wherein all monsters will be not aggressive and player in PVPs are unable to do damage. The player is, however, unable to move and attack at this state. The skill has no time limit.


  • No monster (even MVPs) are unable to detect a player in a "dead" state, unlike other evasion skills (like Hide).
  • Play Dead can be cancelled using a Sage's Dispell or a Swordsman's Provoke.
  • Changing to another class makes the skill unavailable upon relog or map change, this skill might be exclusively for novices only.

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