Pecopeco Riding
Pecopeco Riding
Type: Passive
Classes: Knight, Crusader
Level: 1
SP Cost: N/A
Cast Delay: N/A
Target: N/A
Prerequisites: N/A

Pecopeco Riding represents basic skill in riding Pecopecos.


  • Knights should rent Pecopecos from the Prontera Chivalry (11 o'clock direction) for 2,500 Z.
  • Crusaders' Pecopeco are different from the Knights' Pecopeco. You can get one at the Prontera Church (1 o'clock direction) for 3,500 Z.
  • When riding a Pecopeco:
    • Player receives increased movement speed.
    • Attack speed is halved. This can be restored though, using Cavalier Mastery.
    • Additional 1000 weight for the player.
    • Spear Mastery adds 5 ATK per level instead of 4.

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