Philippine Ragnarok Online Wiki
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Magnum Break
Type: Offensive
Classes: Swordsman
Level: 10 (Fixed)
SP Cost: 30
Cast Delay: 2 seconds
Target: Area of Effect
Prerequisites: (Swordsman)Bash Lv.5

Drain a small amount of the caster's HP to inflict Fire property Area of Effect damage on enemies in the caster's vicinity and force the enemies back 2 cells. For 10 seconds after the Magnum Break, caster's weapon will receive 20% Fire Property Strength enhancement.

Level ATK Power
1 120%
2 140%
3 160%
4 180%
5 200%
6 220%
7 240%
8 260%
9 280%
10 300%


  • Magnum Break does NOT turn your weapon's propety to Fire. It only adds a 20% Fire bonus on your attack (only the bonus is Fire-property, the rest of your attack damage remains that of the weapon's original property).
  • Knockback effect does not apply for War of Emperium.
  • Status ailments are carried over to this skill.
  • Armor and Weapon destruction can also be carried over to this skill via Mailbreaker / Swordbreaker.
  • Useful against players standing on Pneuma. It is also an AoE skill, so it will hit and reveal any enemies using Cloaking in the vicinity.

There are also certain skills and items that affects/enhances this skill:

  • Marine Sphere Card (Enable use of Magnum Break Lv.3)
  • Bragi's Poem (Lower Cast Delay)