Mage Guild

1. As a novice get yourself up to Job Level 10, hence proceed to the magic academy.

Get inside a building at 11 o'clock position at Geffen Town.


Expert Mage

2. Talk to the Expert Mage NPC at the back. Talk to her about changing your job,
and she'll give you an Empty Test Tube and a Solution Number in which
you will create in order to prove your competence to become a Mage.
Expert Mage coordinates: geffen_in(164, 124)


Solutions Guide Book

3. Refer to the bookshelf on the right and click on the bottom of it.
Then click the solution that she requested you to make.

-The Solutions-

Solution#1 Solution#2 Solution#3 Solution#4
Ingredients Jellopy x 2
Fluff x 3Milk x 1
Jellopy x 3
Fluff x 1*Milk x 1
Jellopy x 6Fluff x 1

Jellopy x 2
Fluff x 3

Solvent Payon Solution Not Applicable Payon Solution Morroc Solution
Chemical Number 8472 3735 2750 5429
Catalyst** Yellow Gemstone Red Gemstone Blue Gemstone 1 carat Diamond

*Milk can be obtained from Orc Baby, Kraben, Picky, Super Picky / Shell Picky or can be brought from the Milk Merchant or other players selling it.
**Catalyst will be Provided by the Mixing Machine

-The Solvents- Edit

(a) Obtaining Payon Solution


Payon Spring

Get yourself to Payon, head northeast, enter the portal.
And get yourself to the tiny spring and indicated on the map.



Talk to Dollshoi to obtain the Payon solution, pay_arche (122, 100).
You'll need the Empty Test Tube that was given to you and 50 Zeny.

(b) Obtaining Morroc Solution


Morroc Spring

Head to Morroc, from there get to the Pyramids, that would be the northwest portal.
Then go towards the spring located on the map.



Talk to Ponka-Hontas to have the Morroc solution, moc_ruins (91, 150).
You'll need the Empty Testube that was given to you and 50 Zeny.


Mixing Machine

4. After gathering all the items, go back to the magic academy
And click Mixing Machine next to the bookshelf.
The Mixing Machine will give you back a Unknown Solution.

5. After that, give the Unknown Solution to the Expert Mage NPC and then BOOM!!
You are now a magician!