The Kafra Corporation is a corporation which provides certain services ingame. Its headquarters can be found in Al De Baran. Kafra Girls can be found all over the game except in Hugel, Rachel, Veins which are handled by another corporation, the Cool Event Corp., and Jotunheim Area (Manuk and Splendide) which is handled by the Cat Hand.

These services include:

  • Teleport Service (Cost Varies)
  • Storage Service (40 Zeny)
  • Save Service (Free)
  • Cart Rental Service (Cost Varies)
  • Location Checking Service (Free)
  • Point Checking Service (Free)

Kafra GirlsEdit

There are 6 famous Kafra Girls in Rune-Midgard namely:

  • Defolty
  • Telling
  • Sorin


  • Glaris
  • Debril
  • Bennit

In pRO, the Kafra Girl in Comodo is named as Sampaguita.

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