Game Masters are in-game authorities of Philippine Ragnarok Online. They are seen as the ones in control of the game.


Game Masters are divided into two types.

Community Game MastersEdit

Community Game Masters are the ones who have more involvement with the player community. They are the prominent public figures representing Level-Up.

Enforcement Game MastersEdit

Enforcement Game Masters are the ones behind the gameplay integrity, balance and sanctioning of unruly players. Their identities are hidden from the public, due to their line of duty.

List of Publicly-Known Game MastersEdit

The following are Game Masters whose identities are introduced publicly. They are usually involved in the community affairs. As per company policy, no Enforcement Game Masters shall be listed. Most Game Masters were "killed off" during the in-game story line of The Book of Life and Death and was later replaced by Vanguards

  1. Anael (formerly known as Verdandi)
  2. Chastity
  3. Cassiel (has been moved to Grand Chase)
  4. Tristan
  5. Anakin (has been moved to Rohan)
  6. Freile
  7. Azrael
  8. Spade
  9. Fenris
  10. Yuffiel
  11. Jophiel
  12. Aeon

The list is incomplete and will be populated.