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Sm fatalblow.gif
Fatal Blow
Type: Passive
Classes: Swordsman
Level: 1
SP Cost: N/A
Cast Delay: N/A
Target: N/A
Prerequisites: Quest Skill

A Swordsman quest skill that enhances the Bash Skill by adding a Stun effect when it is used at level 6 or higher.

Bash Level Stun Chance
6 5%
7 10%
8 15%
9 20%
10 25%


  • The Stun chance also increases with the user's base level, although how much it adds is unkown.
  • Fatal Blow does not change Bash's stats whatsoever.
  • Boss-type monsters have an immunity to Status Effects including Stun.
  • This skill is gained upon finishing the Fatal Blow quest in Prontera Knight's Guild

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