Philippine Ragnarok Online Wiki
Sm endure.gif
Type: Supportive
Classes: Swordsman
Level: 10 (Fixed)
SP Cost: 10
Cast Delay: N/A
Target: Self
Prerequisites: (Swordsman)Provoke Lv.5

A very useful skill when mobbing monsters. Use this skill to prevent stun lock if you are repeatedly attacked by monsters.

As the skill name says, this enables caster to endure, meaning, you will not flinch when attacked. When attacked walking, you will not stop. When attacked while sitting, you will not stand up. When attacked while attacking, no there will be no delay to your next attack. However, you will still take a full hit.

This skill cancels after receiving 7 hits from monsters, but will work until the duration when receiving hits from players. The skill also gives a bonus Mdef by 1*Skill Level. The anti-flinch effect is disabled during WoE but not the bonus Mdef it gives.

There is a 10 second cooldown after casting endure.

Level Duration MDEF Bonus
1 10 seconds +1
2 13 seconds +2
3 16 seconds +3
4 19 seconds +4
5 22 seconds +5
6 25 seconds +6
7 28 seconds +7
8 31 seconds +8
9 34 seconds +9
10 37 seconds +10

There are also items that reciprocate this effect:

  • Eddga Card (MVP Footgear Card)
  • Anodyne