Type: Supportive
Classes: Lord Knight
Level: 5
SP Cost: See table
Cast Delay: ASPD based
Target: Self
Prerequisites: (Swordsman) Increase HP Recovery Lv.1, (Knight) Spear Mastery Lv.5, Pecopeco Riding Lv.1

A decent supportive skill. Concentration gives the "Endure Effect", which stops flinching effect from being attacked (but not for the entire duration of Concentration, only until the hit charges are all used), while increasing ATK and Accuracy. However, the defense of the user will be decreased for the skill's duration.

Level ATK+ SP Cost Hit+ DEF- Duration
1 +5% 14 +10 -5% 25 seconds
2 +10% 18 +20 -10% 30 seconds
3 +15% 22 +30 -15% 35 seconds
4 +20% 26 +40 -20% 40 seconds
5 +25% 30 +50 -25% 45 seconds


  • Works with any weapon.
  • The additional ATK does not added to Spiral Pierce.
  • The additional ATK gained does not add damage to Sword Mastery, Two-Handed Sword Mastery and Aura Blade.
  • The Endure Icon appears at the screen, but does not function at War of Emperium.
  • The Defense reduced is both Armor and Vitality defense
  • Level 1 is good for taking advantage of the Endure effect for mobbing (not killing), mainly because not much defense is lost.
  • Cancels upon switching any armor & weapon or when stripped.
  • The defense reduction can help reduce damage from Infiltration and Ice Pick / House Auger wielders.