Type: Active
Classes: Lord Knight
Level: 1
SP Cost: 200
Cast Delay: when HP < 100
Target: Self
Prerequisites: Job Level 50

Increases the maximum HP, moving speed and attack strength for skill's duration. However, this skill decreases the flee rate of the caster at the same time. Also, the user's actions are limited to attacking and moving. The user will also be unable restore HP from healing skills.

This skill drains a certain amount of HP per second. Can be used in guild war areas.

These are all the effects of the Berserk skill.Edit

  • Adds 30% ASPD.
  • ATK raises to 200%.
  • All defenses (DEF, INT, MDEF, VIT) drops to zero.
  • HP is set to 300%; reduced by 5% of max HP per 15 seconds.
  • Endless Endure effect.
  • Increased Walking speed.
  • Flee, excluding perfect dodge, is set to 50%.
  • Natural SP recuperation is nullified.
  • Does not allow the following:
    • Skill usage(Autocast skills are an exception to this rule)
    • Chatting
    • Item usage
    • Equipment change
    • User to be healed (Geographers summoned thru Bio Cannibalize will still heal the player)


  • The large ASPD gain allows Lord Knights with 1 AGI to reach 190 attack speed, even without Increase AGI.
  • Communication during Berserk state is still possible with the use of chat rooms.
  • Relogging will cancel Berserk's effects and will set the user's HP to 100.
  • When a Lord Knight's Berserk status is cancelled by the Sage spell Dispell, the Lord Knight will have his/her HP at the maximum of his/her Max HP.
  • Leveling with Frenzy is possible. See: Lord Knight Leveling.

There are also certain skills and items that affects/enhances this skill:

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