Aura Blade
Aura Blade
Aura Blade
Type: Supportive
Classes: Lord Knight
Level: 5 (Variable)
SP Cost: See table
Cast Delay: ASPD based
Target: Self
Prerequisites: (Swordsman) Magnum Break Lv. 5, Two-Handed Sword Mastery Lv. 5

Creates a special aura around the weapon that increases damage and ignores the targets DEF, but not his Flee. Aura Blade kind of adds Weapon Mastery type ATK regardless of what weapon is being used.

Level +ATK SP Cost Duration
1 +20 18 40 secs
2 +40 26 60 secs
3 +60 34 80 secs
4 +80 42 100 secs
5 +100 50 120 secs

Skill DetailsEdit

  • Can be used with any weapon.
  • Aura Blade's additional damage to Spiral Pierce.
  • Aura Blade does not have any element, which means it can hit Ghost monsters even if your weapon does not have any element. This means that element endow does not gives Aura Blade's bonus.
  • The effect cancels when switching weapon.
  • This is almost a Weapon Mastery Skill, and thus almost carries those properties; for example, the damage gained from this skill bypasses defense, and is added at the end of all attacks
  • It is recommended that this skill is either left at 0 or maxed.